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Participant Feedback

Read below to see what recent attendees had to say about their experiences with the Boot Camps.

“This was an amazing class! I studied PM at a graduate level and do not feel I took away as much as I did in these short 4 weeks” Melissa Kane

“I found this to be a very valuable boot camp. I feel I have the direction to move forward and finish out my studies. You set a very clear path for us.” Cheri Kleppin

“The course was great! It really helped me focus my energy and study efforts on the areas that matter the most.” Kristina Gribovskaja

“Shari is an excellent instructor. She has a gift of explaining things in real-life terms that make the PMI concepts easier to understand and retain. I will recommend her course to anyone preparing for PMP certification.” Tana Thiemer

“I truly enjoyed this class. Although I’m a bit nervous to sit for the exam, with the tools I’ve learned I’m confident that I will successfully pass on my first try. Shari you’ve been awesome! Thanks for everything!” Devonne Wilhoit

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. I am confident that this class/boot camp has prepared me to successfully complete my PMP exam!” Rosemary Treacy

“Shari is an excellent presenter. She is clear, engaging, and it’s evident that she has a grasp of both real work experiences and PMI theory. Thanks for the opportunity. I will recommend to others.” Liz Watson

“I really feel that this was the most important step in my PMP Preparation and would recommend anyone/everyone take this boot camp.” Rakesh Gaddam

“This class if part of the essential arsenal to be ready for taking the PMP” Royce Markey

“Shari makes this interesting, practical, and very worthwhile.” Linda Glass

“The class was great. Helped drive home the information that other classes didn’t. Made a difficult subject easier to understand. I really loved your class!” Diane Gauthier

“Very well done. Materials and tips were very useful. Delivery of content was excellent. I would recommend this class for others!” Rhommer Varrilla

“Shari does an excellent job of keeping the class enjoyable and informative. Full day classes like this tend to get boring and participants lose focus. I never felt that in these classes. Thank you!!!” Jessica Barnett

“Shari was a great presenter, positive, animated, and kept potentially dry material interesting.” Bob Holz

“Nicely done! Well organized and presented in a logical order. Concise and presented well.” Judy Nass

“I am very happy that I found this class. I feel much more confident with passing my PMP Exam.” Robin Moore

“I went to the Boot Camp with high expectations due to a positive review from a Boot Camp graduate. I was delighted even with the high expectations going in. Concepts and flow just hit the learning needs perfectly!” Laurie Hewitt

“You are so well organized. I tell everyone I know to take your class!” Jen Hanson

“I think you did a great job at keeping us engaged and willing to participate, which is not easy given some of the dry content. I will definitely recommend your services.” Janet Courney

“Excellent explanation about all knowledge areas. Good tips and guidelines for the test.” Ademi Sena

“Shari is an awesome instructor and very accommodating facilitator. I could not be more pleased with this experience. Her enthusiasm made it fun. She sincerely cares about each participant having a good experience.” Tracy Bowen

“Shari was excellent. She answered all questions completely and devoted time to explain each and every concern. I would recommend this Boot Camp to all those who are preparing for their PMP.” Roy Levison

“This was a great class!!” Tonya Merrick

“For an all day class you keep it very fast paced and interesting. Team exercises were very helpful in instilling the concepts.” Mark Hamerlink

“Very professional. I will recommend this to all of our PMs.” Larry Kopperud

“Excellent class. Made a tough subject matter interesting and easy to follow.” Eric Beach

“Shari’s delivery and style really made the course! The content exposed me to a mind set about taking the test I certainly would not have gained preparing for this exam on my own. I now feel infinitely more prepared!!” Lisette Hernandez